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Gift Horse

Gift Horse

  • P.T., Montana

The woman with the creamy skin and bewitching body popped her business card into my shirtfront pocket and gave it a little pat. In what sounded a hell of a lot like a seductive purr, she said, “Come out to the ranch, Pete. I’ll give you a free ride — if you’re interested.”

Then she whirled away into the party. A wide variety of people showed up at these corporate shindigs — including, apparently, hot women who owned equestrian businesses.

Ted, who worked in the same office as me, came over and peered in my eyes as he asked, “OK there, Pete?”

Dumbstruck, I said, “I think that woman just came on to me.”

“The hottie you were just talking to? Lucky dog. What’re you going to do about it?”

It was a good...

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