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Fuck the Cook

Fuck the Cook

  • A.C., Tennessee

When Jeff and I bought our house, I couldn’t wait to move in. We’d both been in cramped apartments for so long, and moving into our own house was something we’d fantasized about for years.

All the additional closet space, the big living room, the backyard, the fireplace — I’d wanted them all for so long. But most of all, I was excited about the kitchen. I love to cook and bake, and having a full kitchen, with ample counter space and cabinets, was a dream come true.

Jeff liked to joke that I was more in love with that kitchen than with him, and sometimes he wasn’t far off. It was an amazing setup, and whenever I had some spare time, I was working on new recipes or just enjoying all the space I had to work in.

One Sunday afternoon, I was in my new kitchen, cleaning up... Read more...

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