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Flames of Passion

Flames of Passion

  • T.P., Ohio

The secret to keeping my petulant Lucy happy after eleven years of marriage is our “Fantasy Pillow Book.” Each page describes in loving detail a scene for us to act out.

Page one is “Lucy in Distress,” in which Lucy is instructed to dress elegantly for an evening meeting with important friends. From stockings to pearls, she is every inch a lady. However, this night she will be delayed, for a rude stranger has other plans for her. To him she is an object to be used, an uppity bitch to be taught a lesson. He surprises her and binds her arms as she struggles.

Before those lovely lips are gagged, they will be forced to suck cock. Lucy’s smooth, pale breasts will be exposed and fondled. And if during her long ordeal she should need to relieve herself, she will not find the privacy she so... Read more...

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