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Feast Or Famine

Feast Or Famine

  • D.M., Kansas

The other day in the supermarket, overheard one woman say to another, “I like to have something in my mouth all the time,” and I smiled inwardly. She had just given up cigarettes, she explained, and gum or hard candy helped quiet her nerves. I was tempted to sidle over to her and suggest something far more enjoyable to put in her mouth-like a big, fat, juicy cock.

It seems I’ve always had this great desire to take a cock in my mouth and suck on it to my heart’s content. In college, I developed something of a reputation, the word spreading quickly around campus that Diane not only gave great head, but you didn’t even have to talk her into it. And she swallowed it! Which was pretty much the case, for just the sight of a nice bulge in my date’s pants was enough to start me salivating.

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