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Exposed Exteriors

Exposed Exteriors

  • T.L., Nashville, TN

Carol and I are an interracial couple in our mid-thirties. We usually make love at least four times a week.

Though Carol appears somewhat reserved, she’s quite an exhibitionist. She won’t admit it, but she loves the attention she gets from both men and women when she walks through a crowd. It’s not uncommon for her to finger herself or to give me a blowjob when we pass other cars during a road trip.

Recently, needing to get away from the kids for some serious fucking (not lovemaking!), we checked into a motel. As we walked up to our second-floor room, Carol stopped me. She game me a passionate kiss, then dropped to her knees, took my cock out of my pants and blew me for several minutes right there on the exposed stairwell — with people on the street below and in the parking lot!

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