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Customer Service

Customer Service

  • I.C., Pennsylvania

Last week I received a flier from a new beauty-and-tanning salon. I didn’t have an appointment, but decided it might be worthwhile to check out the place.

,Loren, the owner, turned out to be a beautiful young brunette. When I walked in, she was sitting in one of the chairs reading a newspaper. Since I was her very first customer, she offered me a free tanning session. How lucky could I get? I was about to find out.

Loren showed me to a room in the back of the salon, and handed me a bottle of tanning lotion from a nearby table. I said that putting tanning lotion on yourself was not easy. I thought maybe she hadn’t heard me, because she left the room without saying a word. I closed the door and began to undress.

What I didn’t know was that she had put the closed sign in the window,... Read more...

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