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Best of Two Worlds

Best of Two Worlds

  • T.T., Ohio

Even after ten years of marriage and two children, Nora and I enjoy sex two or three times a week.

I’ve never been with another woman who loves to have her cunt sucked and fucked as much as Nora does. She loves to come, and I take pleasure in bringing her this gratification. Because Nora is such a great piece of ass, one of my fantasies was to watch her with another man. Nora was more than willing, but only with a man of her choosing.

A few months ago I met Ethan at the gym. He’s a 25-year-old good-looking guy with an incredible build. In the shower one day after he and I had worked out, I began thinking I wouldn’t mind seeing him with Nora. Ethan’s cock was bigger than my own. Surely this would delight Nora. Still, she had the last say. I invited Ethan over to our place for Nora’s... Read more...

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