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An Unexpected Way to Pay

An Unexpected Way to Pay

  • J.L., State College, PA

Sophomore year in college I rented an inexpensive room in a house not far from campus from Gina, a 43-year-old divorced woman with big tits and a cute face.

We got on well, though at times I suspected that she would have liked more than a landlady-tenant relationship.

One day when I came home from class, on the way to my room I passed Gina’s bedroom and heard what sounded like moans. I peeked in to make sure she was okay, then froze. She was on her bed with a large black dildo lodged in her hairy pussy. She was as surprised as I was, but a lot less embarrassed.

I mumbled an apology and started to leave, but Gina called after me to come back. I went in hesitantly and sat on the edge of the bed, then noticed that she had a porn video playing on the TV with the volume way down. On-screen a black guy... Read more...

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