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A Young Cowboy

A Young Cowboy

  • S.I., Montana

I am a 35-year-old, happily married businesswoman. I am five feet five, with short blonde hair, green eyes and a figure that has been described as voluptuous.

I am happy to say that my breasts are still high and firm, my waist fairly slender and my legs curvy enough to draw attention.

My husband Ian and I decided to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary by spending a weekend at a small resort in the mountains, a kind of working cattle ranch that caters to guest and tourists. We had been there several times before, and we always enjoyed the rustic atmosphere and hiking the mountain trails.

On the first day of our stay we were up early, eager to begin exploring some of the trails we remembered. One of our favorites was a little-used trail that went all the way up the mountain. Most of the guests... Read more...

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