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Private Workout

Private Workout

  • K.W., Phoenix, AZ

I finally did it. I got it on with my personal trainer.

We’d always been flirty — making suggestive comments and letting our eyes linger just a little too long when looking at one another, but neither of us had ever crossed a line. Until yesterday, that is.

We were set up in a private studio, so we weren’t visible to the rest of the gym. I was finishing a set of squats when Kevin decided that we should switch things up.

“Get on the floor,” he said, nodding down toward the mat. “Time for a reclined hamstring stretch.”

Kevin kneeled by my feet. His thumb brushed over the sensitive skin on my ankle, making me tingle as he curled his fingers around it.

Slowly, he lifted my leg, pushing it back until my sneaker was nearly alongside my head. He used the... Read more...

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