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A Voyeur's Dream

A Voyeur's Dream

  • Una Penthouse Letter de T. W., California

I am an incorrigible exhibitionist, within a reasonable margin of safety.

The other day, my fetish got the better of me with thrillingly satisfying results. My husband, Paul, and I hosted a meeting of Little League umpires in our house. There were about a dozen men and two women. Charlie sat across from me. He is a single parent and has a wonderful relationship with all the kids.

Soon I realized that his eyes frequently dropped to view my legs. I also saw he was the only one in a position to see more. I casually opened my legs a bit. He noticed. I changed my sitting position slightly and showed him more of my inner thigh. Then I covered my lap with a bunch of papers while I teased my inner thigh and slowly moved up to my crotch, rubbing my pussy through my panties. I caught him looking and smiled. He... Read more...

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