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Of course, I allowed Ethan, my husband, to believe that it was his idea for us to check out a sex party in a nearby city. But who did he imagine signed him up for the email list in the first place? I also let him think that he had to work to convince me to go! Little did he know, I was already mentally planning my outfit. By the time we arrived at the unassuming townhouse in a quiet, upscale neighborhood, I was positively buzzing with excitement. The evening began on a tame note with champagne and light entertainment from a jazz trio. Couples mingled while the wildly attractive waitstaff served drinks. We took notice of one pair in particular. They’d smiled at us at the bar and kept milling about in our orbit. Before long, Ellie introduced herself. She and her husband were first-timers, just like us. “Shall we stick together?” she sweetly proposed. I raked my eyes over her tuxedo-clad husband. Declan was tall, lean and seriously sexy. He definitely ticked all my boxes. After stealing a glance at my own hubby and finding his eyes firmly fixed on Ellie’s rack, I knew we had found the perfect playmates — for the night, at least. I returned Ellie’s friendly smile and agreed that yes, we’d be happy to spend some time with her and Declan. I pointedly told her we’d love to get to know them better, and from the wolfish gleam in their eyes, they understood the lascivious message I was sending. When the musicians’ set ended, I led the group toward the back of the house. We came upon a large room illuminated by many flickering electric candles. They cast a golden glow over the whole space. My eyes immediately fell on the unoccupied king-size bed. I asked Ellie, “Ready to play?” She smiled lustily and nodded. “Well then, after you,” I said to her as I gestured toward the bed. She climbed onto the large mattress and settled herself against a pile of plush pillows. Ellie looked at me, then at my husband. She crooked one finger in his direction and said, “Join me, Ethan.” He let go of my hand, shrugged off his tuxedo jacket and promptly crawled onto the bed with his new lover. “That leaves just you and me,” Declan said. I turned to him, admiring his chiseled cheekbones and dark, beguiling eyes. I replied, “So it does.” Declan offered me his hand, and my heart fluttered. “It’s a pretty big bed. I do believe there’s plenty of space for two more,” he said. Declan sat on the edge of the mattress opposite the side occupied by our spouses and pulled me closer. I stood before him, framed on either side by his rock-solid thighs. Eager to get my hands on him, I reached beneath his unbuttoned tuxedo jacket and smoothed my palms over his chest. I was able to discern that his crisp, white shirt was hiding some very well-formed pecs. I lifted my leg and rested one knee on the bed as I teasingly asked, “Do you want to have some fun with me?” Instead of answering me with words, he possessively rested one hand on the small of my back to pull me even closer to him. I took the opportunity to push him back, so he lay down on the mattress. That’s when I caught a glimpse of Ellie’s head bobbing over my husband’s lap. Ethan’s eyes connected with mine. After all our years together, we didn’t need to speak to have a conversation. I knew he was happy, and thankfully, I was, too. That night would be the first of many we spent at the townhouse. We’d landed right where we needed to be. Fueled by that knowledge, I turned my attention back to Declan. His lips were so kissable. He had the look of a man who had aged like fine wine. You know the kind — a guy who had managed to maintain his handsome appearance, which was only enhanced by a smattering of distinguished silver hair at his temples. I listened to my husband groaning with pleasure while I unfastened Declan’s black silk bow tie. Ethan loves blowjobs, and his jubilant cries told me Ellie gave great head. So far, I was pretty pleased with Declan, too. It seemed that we’d made the perfect swap our first time out of the gate. Declan was still dressed, yet I felt his firm erection swelling beneath me. I liked that he was so excited. I rocked my hips, rubbing my pussy lips up and down the length of his cock. I was very satisfied with my decision to forgo any sort of panties. Thanks to that inspired choice, my slit slipped unimpeded along his butter-soft tuxedo pants. The supple fabric caressed my sensitive folds with every pass. It was a sensation unlike any I’d ever experienced. My fingers hovered over the first button on Declan’s shirt, but my partner turned the tables on me. He grabbed hold of my waist and rolled to the side, pinning me beneath his impressive and imposing frame. “I can’t let you have all the fun, now can I?” he asked with a sexy smile. Declan stood and quickly took care of the buttons on his shirt. He was a work of art, but he was rushing through his unveiling. I wanted more time to admire his sculpted body. “Slower,” I pleaded. I reached out to still his hand, attempting to steer the ship. A coy smile played at the corners of my lips as I confessed, “I like to watch.” Eager to please, Declan complied with my request. He slowly shrugged out of his shirt, allowing the sleeves to gradually glide down his arms and reveal his hefty guns. “Oh, that’s much better,” I cooed. Once his shirt was out of our way, Declan turned his attention to the sleek buckle of his luxury belt. It clanked open, clearing a path for the pièce de résistance: Declan’s thick dick. He toed off his shoes. Then he unzipped his pants, let the material fall to his feet and shed his briefs as well. His erection bobbed before me. Its domed head was rounded and pink, like a scoop of strawberry ice cream begging to be licked. “Is this what you want?” Declan asked, looking me directly in the eye. “More than anything,” I admitted. “Well, a gentleman always gives a lady what she wants, and I am a bona fide gentleman,” he said. Declan clutched my hips firmly and flipped me over. I landed on my stomach, and he next yanked on my hips to lift up my ass. He arranged me so my pussy was level with his cock, then he dipped his dick inside me. “Fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” he groaned. He uttered the words through gritted teeth, with each one accenting another thrust. “This is heaven!” he roared. Yes, it was. Declan was a passionate and expressive lover. He fucked with feeling. Every change in pace and rhythm was expertly orchestrated to produce the maximum amount of pleasure for me. When Declan slapped my ass, my pussy clenched around his dick and dripped with gratitude. Honey oozed from my core and ran down my thighs. I grew so wet that the sound of our bodies repeatedly connecting sounded like a series of slurps. Of course, with all that lube, Declan could move faster, too. He pounded me so hard that his balls slapped against my clit. The soft peach-fuzz that dusted his sac tickled me in the most delicious way. Between that and the way the head of his dick rubbed against my G-spot, I was ready to melt. Declan wound my long hair around his wrist and tilted my head back just in time for me to witness my husband nutting in Ellie. “Oh God!” I moaned. I was already teetering on the edge of an orgasm, and that steamy sight sealed my fate. There I was, caught in rapture, watching my husband pump his seed into Ellie. Declan must have seen them, too. His hips smacked against my ass just a little bit harder before his own movements grew jerky. With a groan, he slipped his dick out of my pussy. Just as the final shock waves of pleasure rocked my body, he jetted his hot cream all over my ass. “Yes, frost me, baby!” I shouted. I wiggled my ass and felt rivulets of spunk dribble down my rear. “You’re such a sexy bitch, baby,” Declan hissed. He clapped his hand onto my ass cheeks and squeezed. Thanks to his jizz that was splattered all over my skin, his fingers slid over me with ease. He swiped his palms over my curves, coating my skin with his goo in an epic finger-painting project. My husband rolled away from his lover, and that’s when I noticed a thick dollop of Ethan’s come oozing out of Ellie’s pussy hole. I crawled toward her and my man to join in their fun. “Mind if I take a taste?” I asked. Ellie replied, “Please do, you dirty girl.” I slipped my hands under her ass, cradling her cheeks in my palms, and sipped from her cunt as if it were a chalice. I drank up the erotic cocktail of her juices combined with my husband’s. Her honey was tangy and refreshing, while Ethan’s cream tied the flavors together for a sweet, velvety finish. It was divine. I couldn’t get enough! “Mmm!” I hummed, allowing my sounds of satisfaction roll over Ellie’s pussy lips. She moaned with pleasure as I lapped at her snatch, and I wanted to hear more of her cries. I wanted more of her. I wanted the memory of Ethan fucking Ellie indelibly marked in my mind. I pressed my thumb to Ellie’s clit and immediately felt her muscles clench. Then, like magic, more of her and Ethan’s sweet, tasty fluids flowed into my mouth. “Oh God,” Ellie groaned. Her hips bucked as she rode out her climax, and I continued to tongue her until I’d swallowed down every bit of the love juices pouring from her hole. Eventually, Ellie’s tremors subsided. That’s when we noticed a few other couples had joined us in the room. Suddenly, a whole smorgasbord of potential partners was available to us. I wanted to sample each and every one of them. One man in particular caught my attention. Our eyes met, and he gestured for me to join him. And just like that, I moved on to my next conquest and watched my husband do the same.


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